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Who doesn't love playing swords?    

Experience the elegant and exhilarating noble art of sword fencing, - duel your friends or fence the family... 


Fencing makes an ideal, exciting and safe festival activity, being always immensely popular, and enjoyed by both participants and spectators alike. 

As it is naturally instinctive, it can be picked-up quickly, making the thrill of sword play instantly accessible and easily engaging.

Due to the emphasis and awareness upon safety, fencing is a very safe past time, and can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and ages.   

Children totally buzz from it, off course; and as a we are able to let literally all ages have a go, it is something a whole family can do together. 

Who doesn't love playing swords?


 Only light weight professional fencing foils are used, along with regulation full protective head masks.

 Paramount attention is given to safety, holding the action contained within a cordoned off area, using the highest quality equipment, and we give one-to-one instruction and guidance, with constant supervision.   

 We  have an immaculate safety record in over a decade of teaching fencing,  with all of our trained and experienced instructors holding DBS's, and we are fully covered with specific Public Liability Insurance.

 We have held fencing at many festivals and events including Glastonbury, The Big Chill, Green Man,  Shambala,  The Green Gathering, Beautiful Days, etc., plus many other various events. 

 We would need four tickets to run the activity, and to cover the costs of insurance, equipment and effort, we usually run the fencing on a voluntary small donation basis - although we are of course open to offers!

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