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We do parties
We do really good parties
We do them safe, great fun, and with plenty of action

Archery at a party is an excellent source of constant entertainment, ticking all the right boxes.


A classic past time, with bubbly and bows out on the lawn, or the thrill of children shooting properly for the first time with their friends.

It is instantly involving,  pleasurably challenging, spectator pleasing, and offers the opportunity for socialising, and the chance for friendly rivalries, (but not revenge!)

Along with the pleasure of pure archery we can do various games, challenges or competitions; ballon busting, foam animal hunting, shot-offs, competitions, duels and tournaments.

Even in the party atmosphere we aim to bring out everyone's full potential, giving a sweet sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Because we give immediate and direct one-to-one coaching, we get everyone started straight off. This way, everyone can come and go as they please, keeping the party flowing naturally and spontaniously.  Plus, a running source of activity at an event eases the pressure on parents or hosts, freeing them from having to constantly entertain or supervise everyone, so they can enjoy themselves more too!

As well as archery we offer sword fencing as an extra activity which is always an instant winner.
We use professional masks, gloves and fencing foils, and teach how to use them.
Fencing is very instinctive, quickly learnt and immensely fun.
...and there is no one who's never loved playing swords.  

So after an afternoon of archery, add in a spot of swashbuckling towards the end of the day and you've got a unique and memorable celebration.  

Only a relatively small area is neccessary for an archery range, as we use a large professional backstop netting which is able to catch any missed arrows.   Indoor venues are also possible, and always dry.  (We can shoot in all weather)
Both the archery and the fencing is held with full tuition and guidance, and of course constant supervision.
We are experienced instructors in both disiplines, and are fully covered with specific public liability insurance.  

Instead of just offering a few hours, we are more than happy to go the whole hog, for as long as the party lasts...
We like parties
We like creating even better parties     *

For any number of people, we ask £80 for the day,  plus a slice of cake.

"You were the engine house of the party,  Thank so much"

"Tom is on top of the world and was a hero at school the next day by all accounts"

"Thank you for a cracking do"

"Finely dressed gentlemen duelling and shooting at the reception, what a real treat..."

"All the guests just loved the bows and arrows, it really was an excellant addition to the day"


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