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A quintessential english past time, the summer pleasure of casting arrows on the lawn and the genteel thrill of shooting a bow with accuracy and grace, archery is an ideal festival activity. 


Archery is instantly rewarding, transforming spectators into participants, and almost anyone can experience the joyful sense of satisfaction with a quiver of well placed arrows swiftly hitting the target.


It is always immensely popular, being something a lot of people have always wanted to do, or have loved doing before and want to try again.      We usually run our archery all day, every day of a festival, with constant queues, getting to share with a great number of people.


It is a perfect family activity, and as we are able to give literally all ages a go, it is something a whole family can take part in and enjoy together.

Over more than ten years we have held archery at many festivals and events, including Glastonbury, Bestival,  The Big Chill, Greenman,  Shambala, Green Gathering, Wonderfields, etc., plus many other various events.


Paramount attention is given to safety, holding the archery contained within a strictly cordoned off area, with the use of a three metre high professional backstop safety netting, using the highest quality equipment, and we give one-to-one instruction and guidance with constant supervision.

In general we do not usually charge the festival for holding the activity, instead we usually run the archery on a small donation basis, which we have found to be the best way to work it for several reasons including participant focus and maintaining safety.   Four members of our team are necessary for a festival.

The space needed for a range can actually be reasonably small, measuring 6m x 8m with a suitable background behind the target as an extra safety element.  

Archery Risk Assessment /Method of Working


Archery is held within a strictly cordoned off area, with only those people actually taking part being permitted inside the space, and an organised queuing system is maintained for those waiting a turn.


The length of the range is kept short, with the target being positioned low to the ground and is surrounded by a large 3m high professional backstop safety netting able to catch any missed arrows. 


Participants remain strictly behind the shooting line at all times, and only our qualified and experienced instructors will be permitted to retrieve arrows from the target area.

Instruction is given on a one-to-one basis, with guidance and supervision at all times.


Participants are taught how to correctly use a bow, with grace and accuracy, and with all safety observances.
The occurrence of arrows outside of the safe area is absolutely prevented due to the direct one-on-one instruction and constant strict supervision. 


Constant vigilance is maintained by instructors at all times upon participants, spectators and the surrounding area to the archery. 

When the activity is not running, all equipment is removed from the site, and securely stored within a locked vehicle.


We politely refuse anyone too under the influence, but interestingly, our focused held space, and the art form of archery itself, always seems to generate an element of respectfulness and dispel such a need in the first place.


Our team consists of experienced, qualified instructors; and are fully covered by specific Public Liability Insurance covering up to ten million.










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